Earth Title Taken Name True Name People Father Mother Title Pantheon Features
The Students
Primus Victor Invictus Triumph Damnameneus Telchine

Hammer Greek Mechanical
Secunda Amelia Armstrong Windrose Phaethusa Myriagon Helius Neaera Cattle Guard Greek Forth Dimension
Tertia Vanity Bonfire Fair Nausicaa
Alcinuous Arete Burner of Ships Greek Magic Ship/Secret Passages
Quartinus Colin Iblis mac FirBolg Phobetor
Morpheus Nepenthe Personification of Nightmares Greek Desires Come True/Inspiration?
Quentin Quentin Nemo Eidotheia
Proteus the Graeae Daughter of Proteus Greek Wizard/Scientist
The Staff
Headmaster Reginald Boggin Boreas North Wind

God of the North Wind Greek
Doctor Ananias Fell Telemus Cyclopes

Prophet Greek
Mrs Jenny Wren Erichtho Witch

Thessallian Witch Roman
Miss Christabel Daw Thelxiepia Siren

Grendel Glum Grendel


Taffy ap Cymru Laverna

Goddess of Thieves Roman
The Olympians

Lord Terminus Zeus

King of Gods Greek
Great Queen Lady Basilissa Hera

Queen of Gods Greek
Earthshaker Lord Pelagaeus Poseidon

God of the Sea Greek
Grain Mother

Goddess of the Harvest Greek
Unseen One Lord Dis Hades

God of the Underworld Greek
Maiden Kore Proserpine

Goddess of Springtime Roman
Destroyer Phoebus the Bright God Apollo

God of the Sun, etc. Greek
Huntress Phoebe Artemis

Goddess of the Hunt Greek

Lord Mavors Ares

God of War Greek

Lady Cyprian Aphrodite

Goddess of Love Greek

Trismegistus Hermes

Lady Wisdom Triogenia Athena

Goddess of Wisdom Greek

Mulciber Hephaestus

God of the Forge Greek

Lady Hestia Hestia

Goddess of the Hearth Greek
Lord Vintner Lord Anacreon Dionysus

God of Wine Greek
The Parents


The Sun Greek


nymph Greek


King of the Phaiakians Greek


Wife of Alcinuous Greek


God of Dreams Greek


Opium (yes, the drug) Greek


Old Man of the Sea Greek Tells Future

the Graeae

Old Grey Ones (Demon) Greek One Eye/One Tooth